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Mounette Radot Gallery

, Apr 25, 2022

Mounette Radot

Comment acheter une œuvre de Mounette Radot

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Electec N.V. Electrical & Electronic Services

, Feb 11, 2022

Lousy customer service and overpriced

Avoid this store if you can.
Good assortment of parts, but horribly expensive and quite frankly, no customer service at all.
The customer representatives at the front desk are actually quite nice, but are let down by the store's management who couldn't care less about their customers.
My situation: I ordered a very specific part for a generator, and was told 7 times that the part would be delivered "tomorrow" or the "day after tomorrow". In the meantime, seeing that the delivery time was getting out of hand, I checked with another Northern Lights distributor on the French side and was quoted 255€ + 80€ (for freight), with a delivery time of a week or so. Electec told me that the part was coming in the following day, so I cancelled the order in the French side.
Finally, the part arrived 5 days later and did cost 550$ !!!!!!!!
When I wanted to talk with the store's management about the situation (delivery time and excessive cost), I had to wait 20 minutes only to told "they're busy and don't want to talk with you".
It seems to me that Electec only considers you a "valued customer" if you shut up and pay. Customer service is very poor and the store's management are the rudest people I've ever encountered in Sint Maarten.
So, if you can, avoid at all costs...

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, Feb 8, 2022

Great Service

Quick response, excellent service. My bug problem was solved!

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Blue Bubbles Sports & Tours

, Oct 15, 2021


This tour was GREAT! Our tour guide Q “Lil Head” was Amazing. Safety first is their motto. I really enjoyed myself. This ATV experience was different from the other muddy ones I have been on. This was more of a city/scenery tour and I, as well as my group enjoyed ourselves!!! I will definitely recommend and use them again for other excursions when I am back in SXM!

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Harel Yachts Broker

, May 4, 2021

Outstanding Group

First to summarize, Harel Yachts and the whole team there are an ABSOLUTE PLEASURE to work with.
You will not find better service, support, professionalism, and care from any other company, and ALWAYS with a friendly smile !
Not often do i write reviews for businesses I have engaged with, however Harel Yachts are very much an exceptional group, everyone has gone ASTRONOMICALLY far above and beyond in their services.
While we always hope everything goes smoothly during the purchase process, the reality is all too often far removed from that.
However at EVERY challenge, not only were they responsive, but assisted in ANY and EVERY way to resolve those issues, even ones really outside of their direct scope.
From calling upon surveyors, to finding the best engineers, sourcing the best deals on parts and services, calling unresponsive 3rd parties that really had little to do with the deal at hand. Even getting down and dirty into the bulkheads to show me how each and every part of the boat worked. When else do you see someone, without hesitation jump in to assist like that at the drop of a hat!!
Never once did the thought remotely cross my mind that this was a sales team. Instead they are people that genuinely CARE for their clients!
This type of service is incredibly rare to find. And the fact they are all just so incredibly delightful people has made what would have been an exhausting, and stressful purchase, into one that i have nothing but fond memories to recall.
If ever you are looking to buy or sell a yacht you will NOT find any better group than to work with. You will indeed rest well at night, knowing they are fully supporting your best interests.
I am MORE than happy to provide my recommendation for this group, and happy to give references for any potential clients.
They are simply the best!!!
Best wishes to all at Harel Yachts

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Northeastern Insurances N.V.

, Apr 10, 2014

Excellent service

Every employee is well trained and qualified

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