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Leisure Car Rental St. Maarten

, Apr 5, 2012

Quick, easy and superb service

My wife and I were met by a smiling young man from Leisure Car Rental just as we exited the Arrival Hall. He walked us to a brand new Hyundai Accent (14 miles on the odometer). After inspecting the vehicle, providing my credit card information, and signing a couple of forms, we were on our way. It took less than ten minutes. [I had never driven a Hyundai before. It was impressive. Since then, I've recommended it to others, including my daughter who was in the market for a new car.] The return of the automobile was just as quick and easy. On the day and time we had agreed upon in advance, I drove into the Departure Lane at the airport. The same smiling young man was waiting for us. Within less than five minutes, we had completed all the requisite paperwork, we walked into the terminal and he drove off.
Bottom line: This company knows how to deliver top-notch service. Book with them in total confidence.

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